“Tinubu has no plans to endorse Ambode, don’t believe the lies”

“Ambode’s camp is desperately trying to mislead Lagosians with these stories”, the source said.

Ambode is keen on a second term ticket on the APC platform, even though the odds are currently stacked against him.

Tinubu has reportedly fallen out with Ambode, with the Mandate Movement, a political structure loyal to Tinubu, endorsing Babajide Olushola Sanwoolu ahead of the primaries.

57 council chairmen and vice chairmen have also thrown their weight behind Sanwoolu, with Ambode told by grassroots mobilisers that he stands no chance of nicking a second term ticket on the APC platform.

Misinforming Lagosians

The source added that; “The Ambode camp just rose from a meeting and agreed to publish a news story that Asiwaju is set to endorse and anoint Ambode in the early hours of Saturday morning before the primaries. There has been no meeting between Asiwaju and Ambode. This story is concocted and a lie from the pit of hell.

“The aim of this is to misinform the electorate in Lagos and to cause confusion. A number of similar false publications are already in the works”.

Another aide of Tinubu’s who was contacted for this story said “the claim of an endorsement is a total fallacy. It’s not going to happen. The governor has challenged the people of Lagos to a fight. Let him face it. ”

Ambode has told anyone who cares to listen that he’s ready for the primary exercise this weekend, amid claims that the APC hierarchy in Lagos is mounting enormous pressure on him to withdraw from the race and endorse Sanwoolu.