LOL . . . African Nation Ban JUJU From Football


We’ve seen Star athletes fail drug tests, we’ve also seen top officials, match referees and players caught for match fixing but JUJU?! WITCHCRAFT?! This one is unheard of. . .

LOL . . . African Nation Ban JUJU From Football
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Last month, the Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) had to amend its rules and ban witchcraft from games after an unusual match between Mukura Victory and Rayon Sports on December 16th. Rayon’s Moussa Camara attempted a shot against Mukura’s goalie and it hit the crossbar. After the shot, Camara ran over to the goalpost and grabbed a small object hidden at its base. This enraged the goalkeeper who chased Camara across the field. After the disruption, both players received yellow cards

LOL . . . African Nation Ban JUJU From Football
striker removes goalkeepers JUJU from post

After the object was removed, Camara would score the equalising ending the game in a 1 – 1 tie. After the match, it was revealed that the object the goalkeeper placed at the goalpost was a “juju” charm to protect his team. This prompted FERWAFA officials to enact harsh penalties for any players, teams, and coaches engaging in witchcraft. Players found guilty will receive a three-match suspension and be fined Rwf100,000 ($121 U.S.).

FERWAFA vice president Vedaste Kayiranga released a statement saying: “All present unanimously agreed that the perception of believing in witchcraft is a big threat not only to football development but also to the image of the country…Since there is no scientific way to prove the use of witchcraft, these measures will base upon reports from match officials and anything that is deemed to incite witchcraft will be put under consideration.”

LOL . . . African Nation Ban JUJU From Football

Rwanda is not alone, as It has also occurred two years ago when Uganda Premier League side, BUL F.C reportedly sacked skipper and the club’s record goal scorer, Patrick ‘Crespo’ Asiku, the vice-captain, Herbert Kakande and Asuman Bajampola over witchcraft.