Fela Durotoye’s Presidential Campaign Begins With Social Impact


The presidential candidate of the Alliance for New Nigeria, Fela Durotoye, has stated that his campaign train is not a jamboree, but a social impact project to connect with all Nigerians.

Speaking through the Director General of the Fela Durotoye Presidential campaign, Mr. Lanre Oyegbola, he said the election was not ordinary. He added, “Instead, a choice between politicians that have given us the country we are tired of today and nation builders that will lead Nigerians in building the new country we all want to live in and be proud of.

“While politicians rent large crowds to give the illusion of a large following, our campaign will be focused on social impact and making a difference in the lives of people all across the country, he added.

The campaign train will kick off today with an initiative and life-changing project tagged ‘Social Impact Project’, which caters for many young Nigerians, especially the needy. The campaign team, party executives and members, among others will accompany Durotoye to feed and donate clothing materials to over 500 children of low income families in the interior part of Lagos, precisely in Ajegunle.

Durotoye insisted that it was time for Nigerians to get better lives, as many Nigerians had become beggars. According to him, the system has forced them into begging as a means of survival and their children are completely forgotten and neglected.

The public speaker and business consultant urged Nigerians to be wary of the gimmicks of some politicians who were in the habit of decieving politicians before elections but do other things when voted in.

“We are not politicians. We are nation builders and we intend to run our campaign differently from the usual way politicians do things and this is why we are impacting lives positively across Nigeria,” he said.