Nolloywood Actress, Mercy Johnson Reveals What She Face In Her Marriage!

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has taken to her social media page to briefly narrate few experience she is having in her marriage to the father of her 3 children.
She said this while wishing her husband prince odio Okojie a happy birthday and also used the medium to describe the kind of person he is and why she can not stop loving him.
She wrote : This 24/7 shy shy hubby of mine,I am his wahala always . I cant explain why,how or where but I love you….
I have seen the worst of you and the best of you….and still i choose both…. It’s your birthday and I will not keep calm…..
HBD @princeodiokojie…..
Hey friends please say a prayer for my partner in all….
The duo who has been married for almost 8 years has laid a very good example for aspiring couples with her show of affection and display of love on social media.
Early last year, the loving husband to Mercy Johnson cried out publicly to her fans after complaining of his wifes change in attitude after she lost her mum.
He made this known while responding to a fan’s question on Mercy Johnson’s sudden weight loss. His post reads:

“Wife isn’t herself yet, she’s still trying to heal after moms death. She asked to see @hopefashion today since it’s her birthday so I had to support her. I want my playful best friend/Wife back ooo.” He added that it was the first time the actress would leave the house ever since her mom’s death.
Mercy Johnson who is known for usually praising her husband on social media has never for ones spoken bad about him even though it is certain that they would definitely have their bad days and trying times together as couples.
Fortunately, no controversial news has ever been heard or reported about the husband and their marriage.
Also her humble husband has shown himself to be one of the best as he is always saying good things about her and also making the world know how much he appreciates his wife especially on her birthdays.
The couple who has been blessed with 2 girls and one boys have been able to prove so many things wrong especially about celebrity marriages and their broken homes. They have so far been able to prove that their relationship is worth emulating.