These Photos Prove That Nollywood Will Meet The Hollywood Standard Soon!

The entertainment industry in Nigeria is surprisingly one of the largest and most profitable industries in the country, and Nollywood is a big part of the industry as far as we can say.

In the past, it was difficult to point at any good thing out of the stables of Nollywood except for some very good and talented producers who go the extra mile to give us a standard that is at least commendable.

Recently, Nollywood has evolved greatly, so much that the days of buying movie tickets in Nigeria to watch Hollywood movies is quietly going into extinction.

Some great minds have worked extra, to bring this industry to the point it is today, a point not only commendable but also laudable by my standards. A point where we have near stampede in our cinemas.

One of the major areas where Nollywood failed back then was Make-up!
It was hard to get good and desired effects through make up, hence some of our make believes were so far from believable until very recently.

Now we can be rest assured that Nollywood has been able to achieve that feat! With the use of prosthetic make up, almost anything is achievable now in Nollywood.

It is quite easy now to cast a very good role interpreter in her 20s as a woman of 70!
Now isn’t that laudable!
For those who have lost faith in Nollywood, you really need to see these pictures, your faith will definitely find its way back!