Taylor Swift just cleaned out her Instagram, other social accounts and the internet cannot deal

This is not a drill. American superstar, Taylor Alison Swift has just wiped out her Instagram account, causing masses of Swifties to completely lose it.

Guess she has a new project on the works

To make things even more interesting, Taylor’s official website is currently a blank space (sorry). The contents of her Tumblr are gone. Her official Twitter, as of 12 p.m., remains, but her profile picture is blank. (Same goes for her Facebook page.) What does it all mean? And was it on purpose that Taylor chose today, of all days, to clear out her Instagram? After all, it’s the three-year-anniversary of Taylor announcing to the world that 1989 was coming. Did she get hacked? We have so many questions, as do these people:

The tweets and Twitter photos are slowly disappearing as well.

What could she possibly be up to?