Matters Of The Heart: I Moved On But She’s Obsessed With Me!

I never thought the day would come that I would actually cry for help like this on a matter that has to do with the heart, but this is getting unbearable and I must confess that fear is setting in.

I am a Young man of 32, I met Odunayo in my service year 7years ago. We started dating even though we were both 25 at the time.

I loved her and I did not hide this from her. We did a lot of things together, in fact we lived together the last six months of service.

Odunayo is from a very wealthy family, while I am one of those guys that can pretend to have eaten when I am actually dying of hunger. The truth is my parents are retired low level Civil servants, so basically, unlike Odun, I am from a lowly background.

My girlfriend was responsible for almost everything while we lived together. She paid for the apartment and would even go as far as giving me her NYSC monthly allowance.

I cooked for her, sometimes washed her clothes, take care of the house. My darling would not lift a finger and I must confess that back then I wasn’t really bothered.

Asides her lack of domestication, my girlfriend had the habit of wanting to know where I was, who I saw, and she would get mad and stalk of when she sees me with female Corp members.

Many times I felt like her little brother even though we are mates.

I believed so much that we would grow and she would change, but she didn’t, in fact she became worse. Many times she embarrassed me for talking to another lady.

My colleagues know her and those who don’t, know of her.

It got to the point that I was no longer looking forward to her weekend visits.
I cook and pick up after her.

I decided to break up with her two years ago. She wouldn’t hear of it. I discussed this with her and tried to make her see my reasons, she only cried and promised to be different. I gave it another trial and it lasted for only three months.

I’m sad to tell you she’s not. She only got worse. Once she slapped me for talking to a lady.

I broke up with her. It’s been a nightmare since I left her. She just will not let me be.

She stalks me heavily, harasses my female friends, drops at my apartment at will, comes to my office during work hours, stops comments on my accounts, sends DMs to my female friends to stay away.

I am tired. I have a peaceful relationship with a sweet lady but I am scared. Odun has threatened to kill any lady she sees with me. Twice, innocent ladies have been beaten up just for being my friend.

I want to propose to my new girl and settle down. How do I make Odun leave me alone. I have even promised to pay her every dime she spent for me in the past, but she won’t hear of it.

This is not funny… Please help me.