Trouble in APC as Chris Ngige mistakenly campaigns for Fayose instead of Fayemi!

The APC rally in Ekiti on Tuesday July 10 took a funny turn as Minister of Labour Chris Ngige campaigned for PDP instead of APC.

Ngige while swinging his broom had slipped, making a costly mistake as he urged the people of Ekiti to bring back Fayose on Saturday.

According to Ngige, when a man has two wives, he automatically knows the one who is better. “Fayose is the better wife, he cooks very well. Mr President, when Fayose cooks, it is sweet. So people of Ekiti, you must bring Fayose back on Saturday.” the Hon minister of Labour had said before President Buhari, throwing the rally into confusion.

The anchor of the rally, Hon Abike Dabiri had tried to salvage the situation but the error had been made.

According to Femi Fani kayode who laughed at the expensive error, “when God is for you, even your enemies speak for you”

Apparently, the Minister had intended to say Fayemi but had ended up saying Fayose, a costly mistake by all measure.