Toyin Abraham and Mercy Aigbe’s alleged prank: were they called to order?

Top Nollywood actresses Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Abraham left many mouths gaping yesterday after what looked like a brouhaha ensued between them on Instagram .

Not only did the issue leave many speechless, it also left everyone in suspense as Toyin Abraham mentioned a very sensitive case.

In no time, news spread like wild fire that Toyin and Mercy had issues with each other… Only for the actresses to come back with “it was a prank”

Still, we can’t help but wonder if it was indeed a prank or they were actually called to other.

Notice that while the so called prank was going on, Mercy Aigbe’s was silent through it all and her Hashtags in follow up posts were filled with innuendos. One would expect that in a prank, both would play the part, we expected Mercy to also respond to Toyin at least once, but she never did…

We also noticed that at some point, the first set of Toyin’s comments disappeared! If it was a prank, they shouldn’t be bothered about people saving the comments!

Meanwhile, some of their colleagues were already taking sides by dropping supportive comments of their “besties’s” post!

Was it really a prank or were they called to other?