See This Picture, The Position Of The Photographer Will Amaze You…

There is no limit to what we can achieve with great creativity and imagination. A wedding photographer has proved this fact beyond doubt with a simple wedding picture.

This photo was lying around on Instagram and somehow it stood out and I couldn’t help but click to have a closer look. perfect to look at, taken at very neat angle, bet the couple will have it framed even.

While looking at the picture however, one is forced to wonder how the photographer got that ethereal shot and ask if he was standing in the air!
Luckily he answered the questions with another post.

Here the photographer crouched in a very funny pose that would make you think he was just paying around. The picture of him trying to take the shot even appears initially to be a meme until you see the caption.

Apparently, someone who found his pose funny took a shot of him in that position… But the result of that position is definitely worth it! Creativity at its peak!