Payporte’s Eyo Bassey Disappoints Nigerians

The situation of the online store, Payporte, which started on a bright note, seems to be getting worse by the day. And the Managing Director, Eyo Bassey, seems to be short of ideas, too.

In the past two years, Nigerians have benefited from Payporte’s Black Friday Discount Sales. Unlike other similar online stores, the e-commerce company made their Black Friday sales something to look forward to. The past editions lasted for days and Nigerians had the opportunity to visit their offline stores.

But during this year’s Black Friday promotion, while buyers were ready for shopping, Payporte’s offline stores were nowhere to be found.

Earlier in the week, a worker at Payporte told Goldmynetv that there were still no further instructions, which meant their Black Friday sales wouldn’t hold this year. The source admitted that “the whole Lagos” was waiting for their announcement.