Pastor Nike Adeyemi : A mother, a wife, a woman of God and virtue!

Pastor Nike Adeyemi is the Deputy Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre and the founder of the Real Woman Foundation.

Wife of Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Nike is at the forefront of reformation of dysfunctional families, with the belief that right parenting and godly values shape children into exceptional Leaders…this, amongst many other virtues makes her a woman worthy of emulation.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi founded The Real Woman Foundation out of compassion for the plight of prostitutes in Lagos, and since she got the inspiration in 1997, the woman of God has touched hundreds of lives most of whom now look up to her as mother.

Pastor Adeyemi Co founded the DayStar ministries with her husband over two decades ago and as a team, they have moved from one level to more glorious levels.

Of course we know it takes a virtuous woman to make these things possible.

Many times, her husband, Pastor Sam Adeyemi has counted his blessings, counting his dear wife more than once.

Pastor Nike and her husband were both 25 years old when they got married, and judging by how marriages fall these days, one would not expect such a union to last; not only has the union thrived, it has also become a model for many other unions.


An architect by training, Pastor Nike is hardworking, full of faith and compassion…

Today we join hundreds of others who crush on her to declare her a woman of virtue!