Nigerians React To The Aisha Buhari VS ADC Fraud Story!

Nigerians on the internet have reacted to the trending story of Dr Mrs Aisha Buhari who allegedly ordered the arrest of her ADC over fraud to the tune of 2.5Billion Naira.

In the report, the first lady had ordered the arrest of her ADC for defrauding her of the said amount which according to the report was a gift to the first lady.

Although Mrs Buhari has denied the reports, with a press release,  Nigerians have reacted to the claims and more importantly the fact that the first lady had so much to be defrauded of that huge amount of money.

The streets of Twitter have since been flooded with tweets about the integrity of the President who could not afford to buy a nomination form of 45Million and his wife who has 2.5 Billion laying around.