Matters of the heart: Can I cancel my wedding over the phone?

My love story is a triangle and right now I’m at crossroads.

I have been engaged for five months, in fact the wedding preparation had to be stopped because my fiance had to travel abroad on assignment. He’s been away for three months and he’ll be back soon.

However, since he left three months ago, I realized a lot of things. The greatest thing I realized is, I do not love him as much as I thought I did.

When he left, I thought I wouldn’t be able to live that long without him, but I did and surprisingly, I barely missed him.

The kind of relationship I want is one that when my partner is away, it’s like my ribs are torn from my body.

Before I met him eight months ago, I had been in a relationship with another guy for four years, I gave my fiance a chance because I wasnt seeing green light from my ‘ex’ I didn’t see him proposing anytime soon and I am 32!

Now I’m engaged but I’m not sure I want to go ahead with the marriage…

At the same time I’m battling with this dilemma, the man I thought would never propose is all over me and I know he’s up to something.

Alex is still in Switzerland, three weeks more before he returns, I think I should break up with him over the phone, so he has time to process it before returning.

I love the other guy more…or am I just confused.

I’d appreciate if I’m not bashed. I just need some cool advise.