Matters of the heart: What would you do if you found out your best friend is sleeping with your boyfriend?

When we hear or read stories of friends killing or maiming each other over silly things, well, I just experienced one of the things that cause it.

Although I am not the violent type and would not kill my friend, but I must say there are nights I pray she would sleep and pass on!

My name is Ada, I live with my friend in Lagos, I had problems with accommodation and she took me in.
I met a guy when I moved in with her and we started a relationship that I thought was beautiful until I knew better.

It happened that I was in a relationship before moving to Ify’s place but something happened and that relationship ended so I gladly accepted to be Niyi’s girl….an error.

I was always gushing about Niyi to my friend Ify so much that she requested an introduction which I gladly made happen

In my presence, she got Niyi’s number, laughing that he would answer to her if he hurts me! I laughed, Niyi laughed, alas, we were laughing at my folly.

That was how they started dating. I saw all the texts, the calls. Now she calls him in my presence and only refrains from using his name.

I still can’t understand how someone I look up to, call sister and friend could do that to me! For crying out loud, Ify has a guy in her life but still took mine… The thing is I have no where to go right now, I have no one here and no money to get a place of my own. I know Niyi wasn’t mine, if he was we would not be talking about this.

I want to confront Ify and let her know I know already, but I’m scared because I have nowhere to go and my career is only just taking shape. But this silence is killing me!

Who was ever in my shoes? How did you handle the two betrayers? I need help before I do something that will end me up in jail.

Thank you.