Juliet Ibrahim, her tweets, her followers and the constant bashing!

Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim cannot say she is presently having her best twitter experience judging by the way Twitter users are dragging the actress for every little thing she says!

Despite the fact that Juliet looks like a jolly good fellow, Nigerians are not feeling her and this, they constantly show her on Twitter. It all began at the wedding of Aliko Dangote’s daughter to Jamil Abubakar.

Following the step of most celebs, Juliet had dropped a comment, congratulating Jamil Abubakar on his wedding and internet users came for her like vultures!

It was so bad that they alleged that she had been used and dumped by Jamil, so the wishes were obviously fake!

Not giving up on Twitter, Juliet who is an ardent follower of Big brother had appreciated everyone who saved ‘her girl’ Ceec from eviction last week…well, a few clauses in the phrases got on the wrong side of the twitter community! For this Juliet Ibrahim was mercilessly dealt with online!

You can’t call her lily livered! The actress still went further to tweet about Miracle with the hashtag, #MiracleMustNotWin! That was the crux, they nailed Juliet. Although she fought back, but she was overpowered. Nigerian Twitter is savage!

Feeling good, needing some nice engagement on her page, the actress put up a tweet asking the question “Whats the name for men who use women again?” she was trying to throw a jab at Big brother Naija’s Miracle but it backfired.  Her trolls on Twitter mentioned the names of all the men who have allegedly slept with her!

Why is Juliet so unpopular on Twitter 🤔