Despite his charm, Anthony Joshua has lost his place in the hearts of many women!

Anthony Joshua

Nigeria-Britain boxing champion, Anthony Joshua is fast losing his popularity with the women after his opinion about women and their place in the society was made known in a recent interview.

Anthony Joshua’s popularity has dropped with the same force it went up especially with the women.

According to Anthony Joshua, a woman’s puprpose in life is to be ‘someone’s wife’, hence women have to be trained in that direction. To be a good wife and to learn family morals. While in Joshua’s opinion, a boy child can be trained with less seriousness and less strictness.

He is a boy, he is going to be a man’s man. He will want to spread his wings, be a Jack the lad” Joshua said, explaining why he treats his son with less strictness but his niece with the iron hand!

This has not gone down well with the women folk especially after half of the Nigerian women have fallen in love with the boxer, only to find out he is the typical African man with little regard for women!

The interview has since gone viral, leading many women to declare that they no longer find Anthony Joshua desirable!

Little wonder he is not trending today as Man Crush Monday, nobody wants a bossy husband no matter how dashing he looks!