“Chief Obasanjo passes his used ladies to his sons as wives!” – Wife makes shocking revelation

Wife of former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Taiwo Obasanjo has opened a can of worms as she defended her son Olajuwon Obasanjo who recently got married to daughter of Billionaire, Adebutu Kensington.

Taiwo Obasanjo in a two part statement revealed what led to the crash of her son, Olujonwo’s one-year marriage to billionaire daughter, Tolu Adebutu.

Mrs Obasanjo who was against the wedding initially and had even gone to court to stop it, made some shocking allegations of what transpired in her son’s marriage to Tope.

In her statement, Taiwo Obasanjo as lavishly made some shocking allegations against her husband the former President, alleging that he passes over his used women to his sons, including but not limited to sleeping with the wives of his sons even at 80!

Read an excerpt of the statement below:

Obasanjo is a shameless, evil, wicked, psychopathic, sadistic man who destroy lives, cheapens his family, strip his family of dignity and self respect, has no pride, he is a materialistic and mercenary father who sleeps with wives of his sons and has no control over his penis even at over 80. 

He would sleep with a woman and pass them on to his son for them to marry at all cost and if they now refuse or choose to opt out of the marriage, he would start fighting them dirty, do all to destroy them…