It’s Over! Cardi B and Offset Are Getting Divorced!

Less than a year after their secret wedding, rappers Cardi B and her husband Offset Ryn are no longer in love.

The couple who welcomed their first child months ago are no longer together, this was made public by Cardi B in a post on her page.

According to Cardi, although they tried to patch things and make the marriage work, they have finally decided to call it quits.

She made it clear that getting a divorce might take time but they are no longer together.

Cardi B also pointed out that they probably have grown out of love for each other but she has nothing but respect and love for the father of her daughter.

Before their marriage was made public, Offset had been accused of cheating multiple times but Cardi had stuck with him.

In reaction to the divorce announcement, Offset commented : “Y’all have won”!

Note that there had been whispers that there marriage would not last, obviously, this was what Offset meant when he wrote that comment.