Bride Cries Foul After Davesucre Abandoned Her To Go Paint Governor Ajimobi’s Daughter’s Face

Celebrity make up artist Davesucre might be ending ore than just his talent and expert hands to help him in the next few months after these bad reviews sent in by a disappointed Bride and a couple of other victims.

Davesucre is one of the most popular a d most creative MUAs the country can boast of. The fact that he is a man in the woman world adds to his appeal.

This is one artist that Tiwa Savage loves to patronize often. However,  the MUA seems to have bit more than he could chew when he disappointed a Bride who had booked him six months before,  on her wedding day.

According to the angry Bride Olaide who cried foul after realizing that Dave had lied to her and dumped her for a richer client, it would be a bride’s worst mistake to book Davesucre for her wedding.

The bride revealed that she had booked Dave for her traditional and White wedding since June last year giving him six months notice and also paid substantial deposit.

Dave arrived at her traditional wedding on Friday pretending to be sick, rushed her make up and left even though the agreement was to stay for her second look. He also made her send the balance that Friday only to not show up on Saturday.

The make up artist prepared for the brides maids had to make her up. She called Dave only for someone to tell her he had been admitted to a hospital.

Meanwhile Dave was in Ghana painting the face of one of Governor Ajimobi’s daughters for an inaugural program and the happy client posted pictures and even tagged him.

Davesucre on his part has responded to the allegation as calmly as possible. Not denying that he was wrong. He set a refund and apologized to the bride for attempting to ruin her day. Then he added that he didn’t mean to hurt anybody… Well,  he did hurt a lot of people.