I started singing before acting–OC Ukeje


Recently, OC Ukeje showed that he is not just a good actor but also a good singer, when he did a soundtrack for a movie, Potato Potahto.

According to him, he didn’t set out to make the soundtrack, but when the opportunity came, he took it.

He told Sunday Scoop, “It wasn’t a specific plan from the outset, but it wasn’t accidental either. I have always been a singer. I actually started singing before becoming an actor and I worked on some personal songs of my own. When acting took over, I decided to follow that platform. So, when the opportunity to record the soundtrack for a movie came, I took it.

OC and wife, Ibukun

“I guess you can say that this is my debut as a singer. I used to be in different music groups from secondary school days till after university and most of our gigs were in churches and concerts. I don’t intend for it to be a one-off thing. I love that people have accepted this song and they love it. This has given me the extra push and motivation to continue making more beautiful music. I must also exercise the discipline to juggle both crafts.”