Peter Okoye of Psquare performs other artistes songs at his shows including ‘Gongo Aso’ : video

Peter Okoye


Since the latest rift between top duo Peter and Paul Okoye of the Psquare fame, Peter has been trying extra hard to prove to fans and Nigerians in general that he has the courage and the wherewithal to stand alone as a singer.

He has been so busy going from show to show, trotting the globe and declaring himself ‘booked and busy’

Peter Okoye…

From the look of things however, Peter would need more than courage to prove that indeed he can stand alone as a musician, he would need to put in some work quickly or lose all credibility.

The very talented dancer was spotted at one of his many shows in the USA performing energetically, but alas, he was performing not even Psquare songs but other songs from different artistes.

Peter Okoye

Surprisingly, Peter went as far as singing 9ice’s legendary song ‘Gongo Aso’ and Usher Raymond’s ‘You Remind Me’!

Is this cool?

Apparently, the singer needs to do some work fast or better still, stick to Psquare songs!

Watch him perform ‘Congo Aso’ in Washington.