Nigerians call for ban of Big Brother Naija after last night’s ‘show of shame’

When the 18+ rated Big brother Naija show started earlier this year, Nigerians frowned at the thought of this show that was termed immoral and indecent coming to Nigeria.

According to many who have been justified in the long run, the show lacks moral and should not be allowed to air in the country.

Despite the reservations of Nigerians, the show was approved and the participants were jetted off to South Africa as housemates.

So far, so good, the show has failed to justify its existence and purpose, largely celebrating decadence and immorality.

The straw that broke the camels back was last nights show which had two of the housemates, Bisola and TTT getting dirty under the covers on live TV.

From findings, Tony is married with kids while Bisola is a single mom of one.

Asides the fact that the housemates had been kissing indiscriminately for weeks exchanging partners like hankies, baring breasts and more, Bisola took it to the next level to the annoyance of her fans.

It could be recalled that just recently, star actress Funke Akindele showed her interest in Bisola and openly supported her by soliciting for votes on her behalf.

So also, many ardent viewers of the show have shown love and support for Bisola but after her ‘show of shame’ last night, the upcoming actress has lost a number of fans and supporters.

In the same vein, the show has come under attack by many and the aim and purpose of the show has been questioned. Nigerians have called for the ban of the show since it shows nothing but immorality, note that Nigerians Will not trade their morals for anything.

However,  for 25million, some youths of this country have thrown decency into the air.

From the look of things, this show might not make a come back.