I don’t Know Why People Think We Sacrifice Humans At Shrine – Femi Kuti’s Son

Femi Kuti and Mide
Femi Kuti and Made
Femi Kuti’s son, Made Kuti, has reacted to reports that they make use of people for sacrifices at the New Afrika Shrine.
Speaking with NAIJ, Made Kuti said, “Growing up in the shrine, I can’t tell you the difference because I didn’t know any difference. Growing up was normal for me. My first shock of the shrine was the stigma it had when I started going to high school. I have heard some crazy things about the shrine. People think we sacrifice human beings at the shrine. I have heard that we kill people in broad daylight and worship them with gods or something. I think it’s a stupid rumour; I have heard some really bad things.
“To me the shrine is a home. I know everyone that works here… People see the shrine as a place of worship but that is not what it is. It’s a sacred place; that’s why my dad termed it this.”
Made Kuti was recently introduced by his father Femi Kuti as the latest member of his band, the Positive Force.