Ibrahim Chatta And Muyiwa Ademola, Who Do You Expect In An English Movie Soon?

Actors Ibrahim Chatta and his colleague  Muyiwa Ademola are two of the major role interpreters that have grown with the Nollywood society.

Not only have they grown and developed themselves as actors, they have moved also with the trend to set the pace of good movie production: well, in the Yoruba sector.

One thing is however common with these two talented actors: it is their flare for the Queen’s English.

Ibrahim Chatta is so in love with the English language that he tends to even code switch while playing the role of a village herbalist.

He is so smooth in code mixing that his producers automatically cast him for learned roles.
Some have even said, he is one actor who loves to show off beyond his abilities but that is their opinion isn’t it?
He just appears as one actor who feels more at home speaking his ‘non-mother’ tongue!

The last time we checked, that was not a criminal act.

So also is the CEO of Authentic productions. We feel this actor also has the tendency of playing the role of Sango and spitting fire in English! That’s how much he also loves the smoothness of the language.

Surprisingly however, actor Odunlade Adekola is one actor we feared would not cross the borders of Yoruba movie but he did not only cross, he lives there now; and to think he avoids English as much as possible in his roles.

This could only mean one thing, roles are waiting for Yoruba actors in the English sector.

Now between these two wonderful actors,  who do you think might be crossing over soon to show off some smooth language.?

I could take a guess but you know your opinion means so much to us.