Marital crisis: see the shocking revelation about ace actor, Femi Branch

Ibitola Owosanoye Branch, the estrange and second wife of talented Nollywood actor, Femi Branch has made some revelation about the actor during an interview with Encomium.

Ibitola who has been separated from her husband over a year now said he is a very good actor that has successfully portrayed  himself as a good man outside while he exhibits his dark side at home.

Apart from the fact that he beats her , she also revealed that Femi is a liar, a womanzer, he drinks alot, he never agrees that he has money and to crown it up. He was never responsible to his children.He doesn’t pay their school fees, he never asked about how they are faring. But he prefers to spend his money from one hotel to another.

Femi Branch and his estrangr wife Ibitola

“It is unfortunate outsiders have a different picture of him. Femi is someone who can be in church speaking in tongues and the next minute he is out with the guys drinking, smoking and womanizing. He acts a lot. He is not the same person at home and outside.

Speaking about why she thinks Femi wants to  remarry , she said” there must be more to why he wants to marry that lady.”

Femi reportedly wants to get married to anotherwoman which will make it the third woman in his life. The first wife left him barely few months after their wedding, tje second wife left hom aftrr 10years of marriage

And now the would be third wife. Hope if he eventually brings her in that will be the last of it?