Kokozaria And Wife Debunk Quarrel Rumour With Photos And PDA…

About a week ago, the news that NURWT official Kokozaria who is also an actor by the way had impregnated an actress known as Awele Odita.

The news was not leaked by a rumour monger, neither was it leaked by a hungry blogger,  but by Kokozaria’s wife.

The mother of two took to her Instagram page to reveal the this not so shocking news of her husband and the actress. The news was that Awele was carrying her husband’s child.

Days later, Kokozaria bought a new vehicle (wait is that the trend? Buy a car when you have issues with your wife?)

Prior to the moment he bought the car,  his wife known as Mumcy Aliyah on Instagram was conspicuously absent on his ig page: these people are known for commenting on all of each others photos. Even with their children’s Instagram accounts.

Yesterday however, the love rose again as Mumcy aliyah shared an Instavideo of her family with a collage of family photos. This time, her husband was quick to drop a loving comment on his ‘Boo’s’ post.

We love reconciliations but we still have questions: what did the trick?

Is it that Awele wasn’t pregnant after all or Mumcy Aliyah got the car keys?

Well, all is fair in love and war.