Keira Watch speaks on disadvantages of resembling Mercy Johnson


Nollywood actress and singer, Keira Watch, has opened up that her resemblance with actress Mercy Johnson has sometimes  exposes her to some derogatory comments from people.

In the interview with Sunday Punch, the Cross-River state born actress stated, “I used to get insulted for looking like Mercy Johnson. The last time I got insulted was when I starred in the movie, Two Brides and a Baby. Since that time, I have not experienced such. Back then, it made me sad because I was being insulted based on something I did not understand.

“Mercy Johnson is a beautiful woman and for anyone to compare us is really something to be thankful for.”

Keira Watch mentioned that acting had always been her passion right from when she was a kid.

Mercy Johnson

She explained further, “Initially, I didn’t enjoy the support of my parents because they are religious people and they believed that the industry was corrupt and immoral. They felt it was not a place for a Christian lady to be in. I understood their point of view but I had to do what I had always wanted to do.

“I respect and love my parents but I also have to take charge of my life. Eventually, they came to see that and they have been very supportive of my career.”