Check out three celebrities who have amazingly beautiful faces without make up

Deny it or not, make up has become the order of the day for a large number of ladies especially the celebrities. The make up product in some ladies’ purse is equivalent to the salary of some.

While many hide behind the mask of make up, others use make up to accentuate their features and some just use make up because they have to.

Today,  almost every lady is a Maje up artiste, thanks to YouTube which gives them free tutorial on how to achieve the best results in tha application of their make up.

Sadly, many cannot peep out of their windows without a perfect make up in place, talk more of posting a make up free of themselves on social media. Probably because they have become so used to make up that they feel different without the mask.

However there are still some celebrities who can hold their head eye, their face up and smile for the camera without make up on their faces.

Forget filters,  forget the evolution of high resolution of cameras, some would still not dare take a picture without a fully painted face.

So we really should applaud some of these extraordinarily beautiful ladies who can dare to leave their homes without a painted face.

Mercy Aigbe. Her lovely baby face and clear skin Makes her face camera ready and she knows this fact. Mercy would post a make up free photo and still get all the likes on social media.

Omotola Jalade. You can’t not love Omotola. Maje up OR not, she is ready to go and beautifully too. She has features that need little or no accentuation which is the essence of painting the face.

Yvonne Nelson. The beautiful Ghollywood star is gorgeous with or without her make up. Without her make up,  she looks almost ethereal in her beauty.

These three stars have no problems appearing in public without paints…