‘My 1st Son, Adeolu Is One Of The Most-Photographed Children Ever-Born’ – Pastor Adeboye

-As Friends Holds Classy 50th Birthday For Wisemen Apparel Boss

Few days back, friends of Pastor Adeolu Adeboye the first son of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye hosted him to a very classy 50th birthday celebration. The venue of the party was the Comfort Centre, inside the Redemption Camp.

Although his actual birth date was 29th of January, Pastor Adeolu chose not to have any big celebration then. He was only out of the country with his immediate family. His close allies waited for him to return and insisted they throw their own classy party to celebrate him. We hear Deolu, as he is fondly called is not a fan of parties, which shows why his friends made his party a not too loud, yet classy one.

Master Compere, Tunde Adewale (Tee A) anchored the event planned by Pastor Ituah’s wife Ibidunnu Ighodalo (Elizabeth R Events).

Celebrant and his wife making their way into the venue.. Photo Credit: Falodun Abraham.

Friends arrived early at the venue, especially some elders who admire his lifestyle so much. It was a dinner and the celebrant arrived early too, gracing the red carpet with his pretty wife, Bunmi. For those who don’t know, Pastor Deolu runs Wisemen Apparel, the upscale clothing outfit on Opebi Road in Ikeja, while his pretty wife runs female celebrity clothing store, Duchess.

Bunmi, Pastor Deolu’s wife no doubt, is a pretty and stylish woman you will admire any day.

Deolu style his dad and he also has other businesses, and those close to him say he is very hardworking.

Many friends who attended the event had so many good and sweet things to say about him but the one that was touching most was that of his father

Read what he had to say about his son on the occassion..

“One of the happiest days of my life was 29th of January of 1968,the day Adeolu was born. He came late for he stayed more than ten months in the womb. He was born with wrinkles all over his body but he was born strong and healthy.

He grew very rapidly and made up for the extra days he had kept us waiting. By the time of his birth, my hobby, my passion was photography. I had my own little studio fully equipped. And so Adeolu is one of the most photographed children ever born.

I photographed him everyday, morning, afternoon, evening and at times when he was asleep. The first day he tried to sit up, supported by pillows, I photographed him. When he tried to crawl, I recorded it. When he took his first -steps I photographed him. I photographed him on the steps of the house, on the open field, inside a deep river, river Oni, perched on a rock.

We had fun, I carried him on my back, shoulders, head everywhere, we were so very much attached ghat we made his mother jealous.

I remember that when the suggestion came that I should send him abroad to study, I was reluctant to be separated from him. When the pressure mounted on, I agreed that if he gets the visa then he should go. I was hoping the embassy, would turn him down. They did not, in fact his interview was very brief. So I had no choice but to let him go.

Adeolu grew up strong diligent and very meticulous. We both share a passion for cleanliness and attention to details.

Adeolu is kind hearted and generous, which is why he makes friends easily.

I wish him a very bright, glorious and fulfilling and many happy returns of his birthday.”

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