Mother of the Nation : Aisha Buhari is a woman of virtue!

When Muhammad Buhari won the general elections that automatically made him the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we not only tried to know the kind of man our new president was, we could not wait to unravel the new ‘First Lady’ of Nigeria.

Judging by her beauty, her age and her nature, many were quick to underrate her and many were quick to point out that nothing good would come out of the office of the first lady.

Alas, Aisha Buhari proved them wrong! This First Lady has proven that her beauty goes beyond her skin and face; she indeed has a heart of gold, a heart that embraces and a heart that Loves!


For those who thought her youth would tell on her delivery, three years have shown us that this youthful woman is indeed worthy to be called the mother of the nation.

Spreading and sowing Love everywhere she went… A woman who publicly stood against her own husband to demand good governance for the people.

A woman of not so many words, her actions take the lead always… A mother, a good wife, and a counselor for those who need her counsel.

When the 2017 edition of TELL Excellence Awards bestowed thought of her as ‘The Woman Of The Year’, we had no choice but to applaud their thoughtfulness.

Recently the wife of the President made news after she shared some thought provoking videos on her page, it wasn’t about the videos, it was about the content of the videos which obviously were against her husband and his governance system.

While many called her out as a disloyal wife, the truth remains that Aisha loves her nation as much as she loves her husband and she wants the best for both.

Give it to Aisha Buhari, she is indeed a woman of virtue!