Korede Bello celebrates the black skin in new single ‘Melanin Popping, drops mad visuals!

Korede bello

Mavin superstar Korede Bello has released his much awaited single Melanin Popping accompanied with an excellently shot visuals to tell the story of the dark skin.

The word Melanin has been used in association with the tone of the skin ranging from very dark to just lightly tanned.

With the song, Korede implores the woman to embrace the Melanin skin instead of craving to peel it off.

To drive this point home that the melanin skin can really be popping and beautiful, Korede showcases a handful of beautiful dark skinned models in the video of the song.

He emphasized that beauty of the black race and he aptly makes it clear that the phrase “black is beautiful” is not just a cliche, but a fact!

See a snippet from the video here.