Matters of the heart: I’ve been married for two weeks, battered twice, am I doomed?

I think I have walked into a trap passing through the route of marriage! As I send this, my lips are cut and one of my eyes is threatening to become useless…thanks to my husband of two weeks, my boyfriend of three years!

Some people would ask why I married a brutal and violent man,  I tell you, I am so scared of being hit that all through secondary school my teachers never hit me even when it was a communal punishment.

My parents never beat me, I see the belt and I start shaking. So I would never walk into a violent relationship, my husband never hit me during our relationship, he could get angry but he never raised his hands, yes I saw some episodes of anger.

The first time he beat me was two nights after our wedding, we couldn’t afford a honeymoon, so we only returned straight to his house. That night, I slept off before he came home around 11pm and didn’t open the door on time… When I opened it, he attacked me immediately asking how I dared to lock the door and sleep!

I was shocked,  I began to cry and run around the house but he was like a possesed man…

Last night, he used his belt.

I’m scared. I haven’t told anyone. I think something happened to him… He’s not the same. I can’t endure blows… What do I do? Who do I run to? Will I be married for only one month?

Please help me!

Rhoda (28)