Matters of the heart : I hacked my fiancee’s Instagram, saw his DM, now I can’t sleep!

African American Depressive Sad Broken Heart Concept

Trouble was sleeping and snoring lightly and I went to pull it’s hair, now I am in trouble!

I am engaged, I got engaged just three months ago, we haven’t started planning the wedding though. I have known my fiance for two years!

We met on Facebook and we became good friends, then lovers and now we are engaged.

He loves his phone. I noticed this early in the relationship, he is always fiddling with his phone, I can’t remember holding his phone, even when he shows me stuff, he is holding and I am looking.

I never thought much of it, since we don’t live together yet. The few weekends we stay together, he still plays with his phone, chatting, then he is always on Instagram… I noticed.

Two weekends ago, something happened in my own DM and I found myself curiously wanting to know the contents of my fiancé’s DM.

I hacked his account… Yes I did, I have the technical know how! But now I wish I didn’t, I wish I was a dunce, I wish I studied food and nutrition and not computer science!

My Fiancé/s DM is dirty, Lawma cannot clean it’s filth, I puked just reading and seeing… I cried myself eyes out… He is the biggest flirt in the world!

I think he has slept with all the girls on his page, his pick up lines killed me and broke my heart… He actually told a lot of them he loved them.

I can’t sleep… I wish I didn’t see this. I don’t know if I should just forget and pretend nothing happened…but it’s killing me, I can’t eat!

I wasn’t expecting him to be a saint or anything, but to see that my fiance sleeps with a different lady every day of the week has killed me!

Please how best can I handle this?

I love my sanity than whatever marriage has to offer me…