Korede Bello, Adekunle Gold and Kiss Daniel: Kings of lyrics, looks and vocals!

Kiss Daniel gives some ladies goose bumps just by breathing and living.
Korede Bello has unknowingly broken countless young hearts every time he winks.
Adekunle Gold has no idea how his poses and gestures on Instagram have keyed him into many hearts.

They are good looking, they are talented and they are young. If you think they don’t know these facts, think again. Every good looking and talented person really needs no verification to confirm what he tells himself everyday.

There have been instances where these stars have been paired in comparison either in twos or in threes, on many occasions no conclusion was reached for many dwelled only in the outward appearance of their favorite star.

Well, with this comparison, carefully take a look at these three young talented and good looking men, who is the king of looks, lyrics and vocals.

Kiss Daniel is no doubt good looking in that “I won’t hurt you kind of way” with lips that many have fantasized kissing… He is no doubt an exciting performer and a delight to listen to… His song “Laye” still reverberates even after many others arrived!

Korede Bello, Mr. Romantic, he’s got the wink, the dimples, the calm, the voice, the fame, the fans… Need we say more? OK, Korede Bello is arguably one act that can never go wrong in the face of his fans.

Adekunle Gold has warmed his way into many hearts in the twinkle of an eye… Just yesterday, he was serenading us with his hot single “Sade”, then everyone became his “Orente”.

Then they became the King of hearts! Give it up for all three kings! Kings in their own different ways… Don’t bother trying to take the best, you can’t, we already tried.