Why The Female Nollywood Celebs Are Riding G Wagons And Their Male Counterparts Struggle…

I know a lot of fans have had this issue pricking their minds for a long time. Many brood over it and try to dissect it… Why it seems the female Nollywood celebrities are far richer than their male counterparts.

Without any doubts, it is obvious that the female celebrities live a large and luxurious life while the men are only just comfortable. Some of them are not even as comfortable as they are portrayed to be.

The younger female generation of the Nollywood sector are not just rich, some of them are extremely so, they show off their designer shoes, bags and their outfits cost millions at times.

The handbag of some female celebs is equivalent to the vehicle of a male actor sometimes.
While the women drive Range Rover and G wagons, some of the men struggle with their Toyota pencil light and some are even spotted in commercial vehicles.

Does this mean the women are hard working while the men are lazy?
Does this mean the women get more roles than the men?

The truth is only few of the male celebs can boast of a lavish life over some females.

Ponder this, but no male Nollywood actor drives a Range Rover or a GWagon, how strange.

Well, we really don’t know why this is so, but if anyone knows, we would like to hear from you so we can advise the men to follow the steps of the women. #Labos