Check out the three types of ‘bleaching’ we have in the entertainment industry!


Entertainment is serious business, a ‘business’ that has everything to do with the appearance of anyone involved.

The industry itself is very competitive as everyone strives not just to be good in what he or she does but to also appear ‘perfect’ for the job all the time.

As an entertainer, there are chances that you would get lucky to win big endorsements as brand ambassadors, hence, everyone strives to be good looking; with brilliant skin, sparkling face, gorgeous hair and all that! Who knows when a good cosmetic company wants to dash out Millions!

This brings us to skin care;  every entertainer, what ever the sector, definitely engages in what we can call rigorous skin care routine! Spa visits, exfoliation and some go as far as bleaching!

If we get transported in time to about a decade ago, we will find it hard to recognize some of our ‘celebrities’…the transformation is not in the weight or height, but in their skin colour! While some only toned to give their skin the glow they desire, some bleached slightly to give them the fairness they see in magazines while others completely peeled off more than a layer of their original skin!

The Toners: Almost every one falls in this category, especially anyone who creams the body. There is a bit of toning components in almost all good body creams and soaps. This is to give the skin a kind of glow…while you don’t really bleach your skin to fall into the category of a fair man or woman you still will not be called a dark person. These are the ones who love to call themselves ‘chocolate skin’, ‘Caramel skin’ ,’Melanin’ and so on. We have quite a number of them in the entertainment industry.

The Bleachers: These are the ones who unapologetically go from being dark or melanin to “yellow” or let’s be nice and say “fair”, but sometimes, they even have shades of green! These ones are different from the toners whose primary goal is to ‘glow’, a bleacher’s goal is to be light and to say goodbye to the good old black skin… In the entertainment industry we have these category in abundance especially in our dear Nollywood!

The Peelers: they don’t tone, toning only makes you glow, they don’t bleach, bleaching just makes you light plus green; they PEEL, that way, they can compete with the whites as far as skin colour is concerned. Peelers go a step beyond bleaching, peeling off more than one layer of skin, so much that you completely forget what they once looked like. These ones go for the good products, not just the hydroquinon creams. Their aim is to be a new person, a different person, a white person, a socialite, thus they don’t bleach as bleaching even leaves them with multicolored skin, most times with green and black patches! Peelers are the ones who get confidence in their new skin, who will defend the act with the tiny remnant of their skin! To be factual though, they come out fine…well, most times ?

So by now you should be able to say where that your favorite celebrity falls; a toner, a bleacher or a peeler?