Soldier who died with Ebony Reigns may be punished

Francis Atisu, a soldier who died in the accident with Ebony Reigns, may be punished by the Ghana Armed Forces.

He is said to have violated the rules of the army for lying that he was sick and for wearing a uniform for an unofficial duty.

The soldier was an Air-force Lance Corporal and a report on said that the soldier would face a court-martial and could be sentenced to 40 days in the military guardroom.

It has been gathered that the body of the deceased soldier may be detained for 40 days before being handed over to his family.

Ebony Reign and her PA Franky

Also, the bereaved family could be denied his benefits.

Ebony and two others died in a fatal accident after their driver in an attempt to dodge a heap of sand on the road crashed into a VIP bus. The driver was the only one who survived that accident.

Ebony was returning to Accra after she went to visit her mom in Kumasi. She would be 21 on February 16.