9ice gets new tattoo, says it’s his tradition and not a trend!


Singer 9ice has launched a brand new heavy tattoo on his arm and some of his fans are not really feeling the 38 year old singer on this new movie.

9ice shared a video of the process on his page and informed his fans that he is getting another one! 

While a few followers hailed him and even applauded his courage, others referred him back to his birth certificate and castigated him for following a trend not befitting of his age and status in the industry.

It didn’t help matters that the singer’s ex wife Toni Payne dropped a comment that shows dissatisfaction and disappointment.

However, 9ice was quick to enlighten his fans and trolls that the art of tattoo is not a trend but a tradition and culture belonging to his great grandfathers!

“Tattoo is my great great grandfather tradition and culture. If you can’t bear the pain, don’t do it. If you can, why not?” he said while cautioning his detractors to put sense into their comments.

Well, do you think 9ice is too old to get as much tattoos as Davido and Wizkid?