See as actress Nkechi Sunday hotly defends her mother’s tattoos!

Nollywood actress Nkechi Sunday Blessing will not watch and let social media trolls insult her dear mother Glory Sunday.

The actress who celebrated her mother just yesterday as she added a year shared several lovely photos of her mother and herself on her page with wishes from her friends, colleagues and fans.

An Instagram user however did not think the older woman looked like the ‘usual’ or ‘everyday’ mother with all her tattoos.

According to the Instagram user, if a mother could dress like Madam Glory with Tattoos on almost all parts of her body, how then would her children dress.

The actress did not let the insulting opinion slide as she quickly jumped to her mother’s defence saying that her mother has the right to dress the way she likes…

Now check out Madam Glory Sunday with her children, do you see anything wrong with the way she’s dressed or her tattoos?